Pack List

The Basics:

sleeping bag
camp stove & fuel
pocket knife
pack towel
pack pillow
bag 'o toiletries
first aid kit
rain ponchos
hiking boots or athletic shoes
  (bring athletic shoes and they WILL get trashed)
liquid camp soap
  (good for everything from dishes to hair to laundry)

Things I'm glad I brought:

A picnic tablecloth
A large plastic bowl
A real towel
bug spray
sun screen
extra socks
journal (but, I'll bring a lighter one next time)
long pants, long sleeved shirts, loose fitting clothes (the only things that really keep the bugs off)
dried mushrooms
dried herbs
enough fresh fruits and veggies for the first couple days
hand sanitizer
small plastic cutting board
water shoes
deck of cards
camera w/wide angle & zoom lenses
(but, I'll bring a lighter one next time if I can)


Things I should have left out:

4 books and 2 magazines
extra shorts
tight sleeveless shirts (the bugs bite right through them.)
extra swim suits (only needed one)
Canned chicken (will try to find dried for next time) - too heavy
All cooking utensils except one knife.
Food with a lot of packaging (has to be packed out)
pop tarts (they crumble)
Plastic picnic set

Thing I wish I'd had:

Rain cover for backpack
more knowledge about flowers, butterflies, plants, and mushrooms   
(I would LOVE to learn about wild mushrooms- especially which ones are edible.)