Statistics and Technical Information:

  I was using a Minolta SR-T-100 with a 28mm wide angle lens, a 50mm lens, and a 70-150mm zoom/closeup lens.
  I am 5'-5" tall and weigh 190 pounds.
  My pack weighed 55 pounds.

  Allan was using a Miranda Sensorex and a Miranda Sensorex II with 28, 35, 50, 135 and 80-200mm lens,  plus an old   Argoflex-EF and a tripod.
  He is six feet tall and weighs 235 pounds
  His pack weighed 75 pounds.

  We hiked an average of about 5 miles a day with the packs, and went on side-hikes without them.

  Each picture has a note at the end indicating who took the picture and whose camera was used: person first, camera second. (A-D = Allan took the picture with Dee's camera).